I have not watched any Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal movie in recent time. I haven’t watched any Anthony Hopkins’ movie in recent time. So I have no idea why Anthony Hopkins would visit me in my sleep as his iconic cannibalistic character. Anyway, the following is a rather frightening account of how Hannibal wanted to make me lunch.

In my dream I was a man, a lean man with a pretty big mustache but apparently not much physical strength. I’ve observed these to be quite a recurring feature in my dreams:

1. I seem to belong to a body that is not mine in the conscious world

2. I cannot see my face but in my head I have an image of my appearance

It begins in my own home. By ‘it’ I mean the chase. Hannibal is chasing me and I am running for dear life. I vaguely remember having a somewhat pleasant conversation before things took a turn for the nasty. I’m not sure whether it’s simply the first part of my memory or one of those back stories already built into my head.

The chase seems to be in my favor initially. He’s old and can’t keep up with me, a younger man. So I have quite a head start, I can escape…. or so I think.

I make my way to the back door. Alas! He has locked it from the outside! I turn around in horror, and there he is grinning at me (makes me wonder now if I saw a hybrid of Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins). He is at a distance though, so I manage to escape his clutches for the time being and be on my way to another exit. I reach it but find that it has a lock on it. I obviously do not have the key.

I am now able to perceive the true nature of my predicament. He has somehow managed to lock all the doors and windows, barring any and all exit paths. I know by now I’m going to die and be eaten. Hannibal knows everything, he is meticulous and he has planned everything. I can’t possibly survive. I have lost my will to run. I only want it to end now.

“Stop run-ning”, he says melodically.

“I will, if you swear to give me a quick death”, I reply.

He stops to think for a moment. Then shrugs. “Sorry I can’t do that. I have every intention of skinning you alive. You know, peeling the skin off your body ever so slowly, whilst you breathe.”, he says with a shark grin.

The mere thought of it is enough to make me run again. I can bear being murdered and cannibalized, but the kind of torture he has in store for me is not something I can take. Hence, I run. I dash upstairs, hoping to get to the roof. But the door to the roof was also obviously inaccessible.

I race toward the balcony now, but he has almost reached with me. The balcony is constricted with metal grills anyway, so I have no escape routes, except a tiny section that can be opened. However it has never been used in the past fifteen years, I know it’s going to consume too much time and time I do not have. I decide to do the next best thing…

I scream. I scream at the people below for help. He has reached me now, he is only inches away from me. But the pedestrians are looking up. They are, of course, perplexed to say the least. Hannibal doesn’t move to attack me though, he carefully watches the people below. I know for once that I have been able to out think him. He most certainly did not have a counter plan for this. So I keep shouting, telling the people to call the cops, the man behind me plans to murder me.

Much to my dismay though they seem to think I’m crazy or melodramatic or an attention seeker, because they decide to ignore me! Perhaps this is how my subconscious sees people in general: completely immersed in their own lives, unwilling to lend a helping hand, apathetic towards everything. The best people do these days is bring out their cell phones, click a photo and snapchat it.

So they keep moving on their way, but I keep screaming. Some people are still however looking up and Hannibal remains still, watching. I know the only way to survive now is screaming, but how long can I sustain that?

Thankfully right about now somewhere in the back of my mind I realize it’s a dream. I am able to decide I don’t want to be a part of this anymore. This has to end. I blink hard and wake up, in my bed.

Safe and sound.