This is my latest quirky dream and one that will finally perhaps make my readers realize, my subconscious is completely out of its mind (if they haven’t already). It feels like yesterday, but actually it was today! I have no idea whatsoever why I would see something like this, I can’t find a single clue. The initial part of my dream is sort of vague so I am mostly going to rush through that. It’s the second half that’s truly bizarre.

This particular dream features my childhood friend, Rutina, who lives elsewhere now, but visits her grandmother (therefore me as well) during the semester break at summer. We usually end up taking a walk together or I give her a tour of the city she left when she was but five. Her visits are brief now, what with college and internships and everything in between, so we don’t get an opportunity to see each other more than two or three days, but we try to make it worthwhile.

It begins with the two of us taking the usual evening strolls we take whenever she visits. Two boys I used to have as classmates back in school pop up for a while. I never liked them, I never spoke to them much, but here they seemed friendly…. too friendly (I’m not exactly the epitome of a sociable person). Mind you, these are people I knew three years ago and I have had no contact with them at all after I graduated from school. I don’t know why they appeared here.

Anyway this is the part that is vague, I don’t remember exactly what happened. The four of us are here on some business with a teacher. But he isn’t present at the time, so we are waiting. One of them tries to frighten Rutina with some insect and it works. She literally runs and hides behind me (something I assure you the real Rutina would never do). We are eventually fed up and leave.

By now the sun has almost set and the sky has a purple hue to it mixed with an orange glow. Our dreams often show us the most beautiful sights.

“I’m hungry.”, I say.

“Yeah me too.”, she agrees.

“Should we get a snack or something? My treat, since you leave tomorrow.”

“Sure.”, she smiles.

“Where do you wanna go?”, I enquire (don’t even try to lecture me on the difference of ‘enquire’ and ‘inquire’, I googled it).

“Ah let’s see what pops up.”

Hence, we begin to walk toward whatever snack destination we can find. We find plenty. In reality my neighborhood has its share of snack joints and restaurants but not as many as it does in this dream. It looks like a paradise for the food lover (it almost makes me sad that it isn’t now that I’m awake). But she shows no interest in any of them. So we keep walking.

Eventually we reach this huge dome-like structure (which does not exist in the real world) and go inside. There we find a nice, cozy hot dog joint along with some other stores such as stationary, cellphones as well as other snack parlors. In truth, it’s a common mall with a glass ceiling with only one thing amiss…

Right next to the hot dog joint there is an office of sorts, outside which are many of my classmates from college. They have queued up to get some documents verified. From my lack of concern in the dream I now assume mine were either already verified or I didn’t need them to be.

Either way I don’t pay my classmates much heed, and vice versa. One silent nod at each other and that is all the greeting we are going to bother with. Anyway we order two hot dogs and take a seat. We don’t have to wait too long though. But as soon as we take the food in our hands, the unimaginable happens.

A SWAT team bursts in through the great glass ceiling above and slides down to the floor using ropes. Yes, I am talking about a full-fledged action movie sequence. Before anybody can register what is happening, we have at least twenty guns (I didn’t count) pointing towards us. All of us are made to evacuate the area and are locked up in a single room. Well we aren’t technically locked up, the door is wide open really. There is however a gun wielding woman on the door and she orders us to “stay put” until further instructions.

Everybody is tense. Nobody bothered telling us what is going on, and we are too afraid to ask. Is there a bomb? Is there a killer here? Or worse, a terrorist? Even worse, is he amongst us? Are we going to die? I think I hear someone sobbing. Rutina is strangely calm though, which is nice.

The woman at the door signals us to come out in an orderly fashion, and so we queue up and begin to exit the room. Once outside, everything almost appears the same as before. Most of the SWAT members have cleared out, only a few are stationed nearby. The only other thing that has changed though, is the man at the verification office. A bald, lean man wearing a crisp grey suit now sat on the chair before us. While I did not particularly notice who was there before, I know this man wasn’t him.

Assuming from the way everyone is simply standing there: eyes wide open, jaws slackened, I’d say they seem rather astonished regarding something. Apparently the man had said something shocking before I made it out of the room.

“What?”, a boy from my class asks. “You’re just here to verify the papers?”, he seems incredulous.

“Yeah… why? What’s wrong?”, the man on the chair asks casually.

“All of that was just for this??”, another classmate asks angrily.

I suppose it is quite clear now. All of the ruckus, the SWAT team breaking through the roof, all the stunts, the guns, the tactics and the weapons were all so that this bald man could arrive safely for some document verification of college kids.

“WHAT THE FUCK?”, I end up mouthing the words but thankfully stop myself from saying it out loud. The man sees me though.

“What?”, he asks.

“Uh nothing.”, I reply. “I really have no papers or anything, my friend and I were just here for a snack. Can we leave?”

“Yeah sure.”, he nods and gets back to dealing with a group of exasperated students.

Rutina and I literally run before another “SWAT situation” happens and we are deterred again. This is when I notice we have both managed to hold onto our hot dogs. At least something good happened.

“Well that was interesting.”, she says grinning.

“Yeah, quite an adventure and that too just before the day you leave.”

She chuckles in response.

We walk back to her house and hug goodbye.

“Until next year.”