This dream is based on the idea of a certain movie which I am not going to name. Mostly because it’s horrible. It has paved its way into the ‘List of films considered worst’ on Wikipedia. I say ‘idea’ of a movie because I haven’t actually seen it (thankfully!). I only heard the summary from a friend. And I found it so horrible that somehow it got lodged into my brain I suppose.

The movie is basically about doppelgangers. Let me rephrase that. The movie is a horrible attempt at comedy which features doppelgangers. The protagonists are three men who have a pair of lookalikes. Perhaps I should clarify a bit more. Basically each of the three men has two doppelgangers so that gives us a total of nine men. There is the obvious theme of identity loss and each doppelganger trying to sabotage the other (or at least that’s what I think). I do not know how the movie ends and I do not care to.

Anyway so my dream begins with me and three of my best friends from college. Let’s name them shall we? There is the cutest of the lot, Annalise. Then there is the chocolate boy, Tanner. And finally the ‘sex god’ (it’s an inside joke, don’t worry he’s not a womanizer or anything), Brandon. We are hiding in my house, well at least we’re trying to hide, because we have been attacked by a gun wielding quartet that looks exactly like us!

They are our doppelgangers who want to kill and replace us. We have no idea where they came from or how they found us or even why they are here. All we know is that if they catch us, we’re dead. We are hiding in my room with the door barred but I know we have to escape as soon as possible. They’ll come barging in anytime. So I go to the balcony adjacent to my room and we manage to make a rope of sorts out of bed sheets (cliché) and climb down. On our way we lock the main door of the house from the outside. The lookalikes, however, see us and attempt to follow suit. We do get a decent head start though.

So there we are, on the run, upon roads I have never seen (or maybe I have in movies). The streets seem to be abandoned, rather the area looks to be not inhabited. It appears to be a farmland of sorts, without farmers. There are wildflowers too and a rail-track that is running along beside us.

We take a look behind us and we see them, pursuing us. They try to shoot us from afar but we manage to dodge. Meanwhile I suddenly remember that another member of our ‘besties’ group, Devon, has a gun (no, he does not in real life… I hope). Apparently he carries it around in his bag! So I call him and ask his whereabouts. He, along with our entire class, is at some water-themed amusement park. We know the place so we make for it.

We get there soon enough and sure as the sky is blue, there they are. Every single one of my classmates. Some are splashing water at each other, some of them are on the rides, some sitting by the pool, others are chatting or eating or drinking. Everyone is having the time of their lives, completely oblivious to what we are going through. Which is only natural I suppose. It resembles a pool party more than an amusement park, but we really do no have time to focus on that. We quickly locate Devon and rush to him.

“Quick Devon, give us your gun!”, I say.

“What?”, he is obviously confused.

“Your gun! We need it!”, we all shout.

“B-b-but I don’t have it here”, he answers. “It’s in my bag.”

“WHERE is your bag? Give us the locker key, we’ll fetch it”, Annalise urges.

“No it’s in my bag and my bag is in college, on the desk.”


“You don’t understand Devon! There are a bunch of doppelgangers who want to kill us and we need the stupid gun!”, I know it’s no use telling him this but I am desperate.

“What?”, he asks incredulously.

I begin to explain but then we spot the villains. They’ve arrived rather fast. So we run again.

“Call the cops!”, I shout to Devon as I dash for a place to hide in.

This time the four of us end up getting separated. I manage to find a room, rather like a hotel room with a bed and a side table and a coffee table…. I think there is a TV too. Anyway I go inside the room and just sit on the bed. I don’t lock the door, I don’t hide. I just take a seat, and ponder on how horrible the situation is. But I also begin to feel a sense of calm settling in. As if I am certain the cops will arrive any moment and we will be fine.

Suddenly the door to my room opens and there he is…. my ex! He looks at me rather critically and says, “Get up”.

“What? Why?”, I am utterly bewildered.

“I know you’re not the real San. The cops are here. Get up!”, he repeats.

“No Soren you don’t understand. I am the real Sandy!”, I tell him.

“I think I would know”, he says and pulls me up by the arm.

He escorts me out and everybody at once turns their attention to me. Everybody.

However, I see the cops have apprehended the evil foursome that was after us. There is a pool between me and them. My friends are on the other side too, smiling and waving at me.

“It’s okay!”, they shout to me. “They’ve caught the fake ones!”

As the evil lookalikes are taken away, I look up at my ex’s face who is quite visibly dumbfounded. I shake my hand free of his grip.

I think I would know, bah!

I shoot him with a rather indignant look (he deserves it!) and…. take off my clothes…. err what?

Nobody seems bothered, isn’t that what pool parties are for?

Anyway I dive into the pool and swim across to the other side literally like a torpedo boat. I mean I do not move my limbs the way a person might when they are swimming, I simply propel my body forward with my arms firmly tucked to my side and my legs joined. As I reach the other side I merely change the angle at which my body is going forward and land without issue. Annalise rushes to hug me.

The day has been saved and quite honestly I think my dream is better than the movie (overconfident much?).