My grandfather passed away in the year 2010. I dreamt of him a few days or so after his death. In my culture, the actual funeral is observed a fortnight after the body has been cremated. This occurred sometime during those two weeks. Now now, I’m not trying to be emotional or anything. It was a strange dream is all.

My grandfather is still alive. I’m a little startled, I mean I don’t know why but I know he’s not supposed to be here. But anyway I let the matter be.

He seems sickly thin (the way he had come to look a month before his death due to loss of appetite). We were talking about something when suddenly this other old man appears out of nowhere (which I later realized, after waking up, was also my grandfather only healthier and more energetic) and starts shouting at my sickly grandpa (let’s call him grandpa 1). Grandpa 1 is visibly shaken, he simply does not have the energy to argue back. So I begin to do it for him. I don’t even remember the conversation, all I remember is I make grandpa 2 leave.

Grandpa 1 seems relieved and then he asks for Cheetos! I have no idea why I saw this, I don’t even like Cheetos. But there he is, craving cheese balls.

My grandfather never asked for Cheetos whilst he was alive, not from me at least. He did sometimes ask for chocolates or soft drinks and stuff. Anyway so I provide him with a pack of Cheetos. He seems happy, almost like a child. And somehow it just feels good.

That’s it. It’s not an incredible dream or anything, I know. But when I told my mother about this dream she (and of course my father) decided to put Cheetos in the funeral ceremony. They’re pretty superstitious, also it was an emotional time for my father.

Because who knows? Maybe he WAS craving Cheetos.