Before I begin I should probably declare I’m fan of Inuyasha (it’s a fantasy anime set mostly in feudal era Japan), The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and Hannibal and the following dream incorporates elements from all of them.

My dream is set in a calm village like the ones shown in the anime. The buildings have a similar structure, there is the greenery and the ponds resembling medieval Japan and even the people look mostly Japanese. I am a dragon warrior who functions as the guardian of the village (much like Kikyo, a demon slaying priestess, from Inuyasha). I have sealed away plenty of dragons (or dragon spirits perhaps, I’m a little vague on the details) throughout my life. Oh and most importantly….

I am Daenerys Targaryen (mother of dragons!)! I obviously cannot see myself but in my head I know who I am.

So my dream begins during some sort of fireworks festival in my village, although it is already fairly late and the elderly folk along with most of the children have been peacefully tucked into bed. But how often have my dreams remained pleasant? (more importantly why would anybody find them interesting if they were?)

Trouble strikes all too soon. The most frightfully vicious dragon I have ever sealed away has broken loose. The Great Red Dragon (who quite honestly looks a bit like Smaug) is proceeding to burn my village in hell fire until nothing is left but ash and smoke. While my people sleep.

I don’t know if I can defeat this monster a second time because I know that since he has been caught before, it is going to be a thousand times difficult to seal him again or kill him. Thus, my first course of action is to somehow evacuate the village. Here is where I display my magical powers, I make some sort of motion with my hands and this pink flare of energy shoots out of my fingers and spreads in different directions. Next I see those flairs reaching everyone in the village individually and hitting them on the forehead. What happens next is just convenient. The people who are deep in slumber wake up, jolt out of their beds and literally rush out to leave, as if that pink flash was a spell that instantly programmed the people to run for their lives.

Meanwhile the great red dragon has reached the festival and has begun the process of roasting anyone in his path. Although it seems his real purpose is not destruction, because he doesn’t stay in one place, he keeps moving forward and burns as he goes. I, too, am rushing to meet him as fast as I can.

I finally see him rampaging about in his full glory, fire bursting forth from his muzzle. The flames all around him make him appear lurid, quite terrifyingly so. I keep going and eventually he sees me too. I halt as he suddenly takes to the sky and lands right in front of me. I am caught completely off guard and I know I am going to end up dead.

Nothing happens for a while, he simply stares me with his serpent eyes. Then he grabs me in his talons and begins to fly away from the village. No more burning, as if he was looking for me all along.

We eventually land in a 21st century city (time travel??). He lets go of me and begins to take a human-like form. Now those who follow Hannibal, know very well who is going to play the great red dragon in the show. One would think that the human form of this creature is obviously going to be Richard Armitage. Unfortunately, the love of my life (I have a severely unhealthy crush on the man) does not appear in my dream. No, instead it’s Mads Mikkelsen or more precisely Hannibal Lecter (can’t say I wasn’t disappointed when I woke up) who now stands before me.

Mr. Lecter is completely clad in black leather, and he looks perfectly human except for the two horns on top of his head. For some reason this whole shape shifting business doesn’t surprise me in the dream, but what does is Hannibal attempting to seduce me… very cheesily.

I hate disappointing my readers like this. It seems I have a pattern where my dreams start out interesting but somehow manage to become ridiculous towards the end. If I was writing stories here (which I am contemplating) I would have surely changed that, but these are dreams and I have promised to be accurate. Forgive my subconscious for ruining these potentially fascinating accounts. Forgive her some more for it is about to get worse….

Hannibal is trying to seduce me and I am incredulous. When he realizes he is not being persuasive enough, he takes me to a… porn magazine store (I cannot apologize enough). The man behind the counter seems to know him and Hannibal orders a bunch of issues of a particular magazine.

“Why are you ordering porn magazines?”, I ask dubiously. Does he really think simply looking at them will somehow make me horny enough to want to do him? He’s not really that stupid is he?

He winks at me in response.

The magazines are brought forth and he begins to shuffle through them. I’m still feeling confused until I see one of the photos. It’s him! He has been featured in the magazine! WTF?!

I am baffled not only by this but also by the fact that he is ridiculously attractive (in the magazines)! I mean I am talking about toned abs (I have a thing for those) and not to mention…err… other things. I find myself immediately enticed. I look at him, he looks at me and he knows.

Hannibal always knows.