So the dream I’m about to describe is thus far the scariest and the most interesting dream I have ever had. Now while I am 99.9% certain it was a dream, somewhere in the back of my mind, the voice of the remaining 0.1% often wonders out loud if it really was.

In my “dream”, I suddenly wake up in my room dimly lit by the streetlight. I am wearing the same clothes I went to bed in, under the same blanket I had wrapped around me. Alongside all of this, I feel a malevolent presence in the room but I SEE nothing of course. So my first thought is obviously to leave the room somehow, and quick. I flip my blanket away as fast as I can and jolt out of my bed…. or so I think. My brain wants to do all of this, and I think I am moving my body swiftly but what unwraps before my eyes is not only confusing but frightening as well. Everything is happening in slow motion! I think I’m quick but I can see I’m not. I see my hands slowly flipping the blanket away and I see my legs slip out from underneath like there’s no rush. But the horror has only just begun.

As soon as my feet touch the ground I suddenly find myself back in the exact position I was in a few seconds ago: lying awake underneath my blanket. As if the last 10 seconds didn’t happen. I try again. And of course the same thing repeats. The third time I decide to call my mother’s cellphone. I manage to somehow find one of my phones (I have two) but the lock screen won’t even light up! Then I’m back to where I was again. No phone, nothing, just me under my blanket. This time I try my other phone and the screen, this time, lights up only to fade to black again. After that it just keeps doing that on loop several times. And once more I am sent back to where I started.

I try to run again, and this time I make it out of my room albeit with retarded speed. I turn on the light but the room is only dimly illuminated. I turn to the source to learn that like me, the light is also operating in slow motion. I see the corners have lit up first with a muted sepia glow (it’s a tube light), I see a spark and I see the white light slowly trying to spread through the length of the tube. I try to reach my parents but I end up in my bed. Again (just when I thought I had a chance).

Now I realize I’m probably going to die and this evil presence is only toying with me. This somehow angers me. Dreams are funny in their own way. We feel certain things in dreams that we never would in real life if we were to face the same situation. Consciously, if something even vaguely resembling this happens to me I will probably faint, if not die of a heart attack (do 20 year olds get heart attacks?). But subconscious me feels angry and rather insulted. Thus, I decide to go with my dignity intact. I am not going to let this being play with me, I am not going to be scared, I am not going to run, I am not going to scream or cry or do anything that will bring it satisfaction. Unfortunately, this is where my dream gets bizarre again. I develop a sort of “COME AT ME BRO!” attitude and begin to….err…. make funny faces. You read that correctly. In a bid to pay this entity back for the initial insult, I decide to insult it back. I begin to distort my face in every way I can. Now each time I made a face, I blinked. After several rapid blinks I suddenly realize the foreboding feeling is gone. The feeling that something malicious is here with me, that it is watching me, that it is going to kill me has left. It feels as though a haze has been lifted. I try to get up fast and I succeed, there is no retarded motion. I plant my feet firmly on the floor, I do not automatically get sent back to bed. I turn on the light, the room is instantly illuminated. I run one last check by grabbing my phone and dialing my mother. To my immense relief, it rings. I have half a mind to ask her to sleep in my room but I decide otherwise.

Now that I’m no longer frightened, I begin to ponder on my dream (sleeping is not going to come to me anytime soon, not after this). Strangely enough find myself smiling, beaming actually. Apart from how it ended, I know that this dream was incredible! And of course I also can’t help feeling kind of brave.

But that one question still sometimes pops up in the irrational corners of my brain: It was a dream, right?