This remains my strangest dream till date. This happened about 4 years ago and I have no idea whatsoever what brought it on. But here is what it was:

Sometime far in the future, not only have aliens been found but some of them even live on planet Earth alongside us humans, in harmony (the harmless ones of course!). When I say ‘aliens’, I mean ALIENS! The typical ones we see in the ‘MIB’ movies or the ‘Aliens vs. Predators’ movies. Basically they look nothing human, they come in all kinds of colors (pink, green, yellow you name it), they have all kinds of shapes and races. e.g. the ‘blob’ aliens, the ‘scorpion’ aliens etc.

All is not always well, however. There are those who want to take over the planet (because why not?), and there is a special task force which keeps these evil ones at bay. This is the army of the Earth, not a country, but the Earth as a whole. This is where I work.

We are the division 9 (possibly because of the movie 9). We are a rather small group of people who decide whether an alien can enter our planet or not. If the extraterrestrial beings in question have hostile intentions then it is our job to fend them off.

Here is the legendary Adam, who was a child prodigy and at 24 he is youngest and the best alien warrior the world has ever seen. And this guy is my boyfriend (wink wink). Also in the team is his older brother, two veterans, along with my best friend (forgive me I do not remember the names) and another girl. This is pretty much the back story of my dream.

Times have been peaceful but the warriors are given mock battle sessions lest they get rusty. So in this particular dream a group including Adam, his brother, my best friend and one of the veterans, is sent out to space for a drill and I’m doing some sort of desk job for the day.

Suddenly the red warning lights, reserved for actual alien attack, flood the room and sirens begin wailing. It doesn’t last long though. The entry hatch (used by aliens to come in and get all their papers properly verified by us) opens and numerous aliens come in through the door. They, however, look harmless. Some of them are severely wounded though, and almost unbearable to look at, some of them seem to be melting, others have chunks of flesh missing…. I am not going into anymore gruesome details. What matters is, something has happened. Something BAD.

So I sit and wait for someone, anyone to come back from the drill and tell me what has happened. The veteran (let’s call him ‘Hugh’, shall we?) finally enters through the hatch and he looks despondent to say the least. Then he looks at me and he seems to shrink.

I ask what happened. He gives me a detailed account of what occurred on their drill:

A group of aliens suddenly approached them in the middle of their battle practice and asked for permission to enter, they showed them the required documents and were given consent. However, lurking somewhere in this group was a team of undercover “terrorist” aliens and they open fired. The warriors were obviously caught unawares, as were the “domestic” aliens who were with them. A rather short fight ensued. Now even though the hostiles were defeated, and some (not all) the harmless aliens were saved, only Hugh survived from the team we sent out.

I am quite obviously devastated upon hearing this. Not only is the love of my life dead, so is my best friend. I look all around me, I see nothing I want anymore. So I run. Literally. I keep running, and I reach the ground floor of the building which also serves as a sort of alien museum.

I stop short as I spot a levitating yellowish creature, with full size tentacles and a top shaped body about 20 feet away from me. Since he has entered Earth he is likely to be friendly, but I have been instilled with a kind of terror I have not known before. So I run again, away from the creature. But he sees me too and he spins with lightning speed, like the top his body is and suddenly he’s in front of me, floating.

“Excuse me”, he says in the politest manner possible. “Where can I find the specimen for the scorpion?”. By this he means the scorpion alien specimen (possibly thousands of years old) kept in the museum. I am trembling but I manage to point in the proper direction.

“Thank you”, he says and spins away.

I run again. I run out of the building and there is this dog. The dog however is not any ordinary dog. Remember once upon a time, when we had cable TV and if there was a problem with signal reception the screen would become a monochromatic pattern of vibrating dots? This dog is exactly that (It’s a dream remember?)! Somehow this dog has been damaged in a space fight (please don’t ask ‘How?’). This horrifies me further and I begin to run faster.

I run to my house and there I see my two best friends from school, Paula and Sharon, and my mom. Word has already reached them somehow and they were waiting for me. I reach them and I tell them that Adam has passed away and I am quitting my job.

“Adam is not dead.”, they all tell me.


“There’s a journalist who has proved Adam is alive!”, they inform me. “It’s in the papers. We’ll show you. C’mon!”

Yes, this is where it gets downright silly. Not only has this journalist already heard what has happened, but he has also proved Adam lives and it has been published. All while I was running!

It gets worse.

So they show me the article (which has been preserved in a mundane, earthly museum… what is it with me and museums?!). And I did not see the entire proof (which is mathematical by the way), but the last line was:

“The two triangle are similar.

Adam is alive.


To conscious me, this makes no sense. No scratch that. To conscious me, this is hilarious. But to subconscious me, this is the happiest day of my life. I cry tears of joy. The love of my life is alive. I don’t know where or when or how, but I will find him.


P.S. Feel free to laugh.