Sandy Hardstone

Hannibal (The Scary One)

I have not watched any Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal movie in recent time. I haven’t watched any Anthony Hopkins’ movie in recent time. So I have no idea why Anthony Hopkins would visit me in my sleep as his iconic cannibalistic character. Anyway, the following is a rather frightening account of how Hannibal wanted to make me lunch.

In my dream I was a man, a lean man with a pretty big mustache but apparently not much physical strength. I’ve observed these to be quite a recurring feature in my dreams:

1. I seem to belong to a body that is not mine in the conscious world

2. I cannot see my face but in my head I have an image of my appearance

It begins in my own home. By ‘it’ I mean the chase. Hannibal is chasing me and I am running for dear life. I vaguely remember having a somewhat pleasant conversation before things took a turn for the nasty. I’m not sure whether it’s simply the first part of my memory or one of those back stories already built into my head.

The chase seems to be in my favor initially. He’s old and can’t keep up with me, a younger man. So I have quite a head start, I can escape…. or so I think.

I make my way to the back door. Alas! He has locked it from the outside! I turn around in horror, and there he is grinning at me (makes me wonder now if I saw a hybrid of Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins). He is at a distance though, so I manage to escape his clutches for the time being and be on my way to another exit. I reach it but find that it has a lock on it. I obviously do not have the key.

I am now able to perceive the true nature of my predicament. He has somehow managed to lock all the doors and windows, barring any and all exit paths. I know by now I’m going to die and be eaten. Hannibal knows everything, he is meticulous and he has planned everything. I can’t possibly survive. I have lost my will to run. I only want it to end now.

“Stop run-ning”, he says melodically.

“I will, if you swear to give me a quick death”, I reply.

He stops to think for a moment. Then shrugs. “Sorry I can’t do that. I have every intention of skinning you alive. You know, peeling the skin off your body ever so slowly, whilst you breathe.”, he says with a shark grin.

The mere thought of it is enough to make me run again. I can bear being murdered and cannibalized, but the kind of torture he has in store for me is not something I can take. Hence, I run. I dash upstairs, hoping to get to the roof. But the door to the roof was also obviously inaccessible.

I race toward the balcony now, but he has almost reached with me. The balcony is constricted with metal grills anyway, so I have no escape routes, except a tiny section that can be opened. However it has never been used in the past fifteen years, I know it’s going to consume too much time and time I do not have. I decide to do the next best thing…

I scream. I scream at the people below for help. He has reached me now, he is only inches away from me. But the pedestrians are looking up. They are, of course, perplexed to say the least. Hannibal doesn’t move to attack me though, he carefully watches the people below. I know for once that I have been able to out think him. He most certainly did not have a counter plan for this. So I keep shouting, telling the people to call the cops, the man behind me plans to murder me.

Much to my dismay though they seem to think I’m crazy or melodramatic or an attention seeker, because they decide to ignore me! Perhaps this is how my subconscious sees people in general: completely immersed in their own lives, unwilling to lend a helping hand, apathetic towards everything. The best people do these days is bring out their cell phones, click a photo and snapchat it.

So they keep moving on their way, but I keep screaming. Some people are still however looking up and Hannibal remains still, watching. I know the only way to survive now is screaming, but how long can I sustain that?

Thankfully right about now somewhere in the back of my mind I realize it’s a dream. I am able to decide I don’t want to be a part of this anymore. This has to end. I blink hard and wake up, in my bed.

Safe and sound.


DC 9: Special Weapons And Tactics to Verify

This is my latest quirky dream and one that will finally perhaps make my readers realize, my subconscious is completely out of its mind (if they haven’t already). It feels like yesterday, but actually it was today! I have no idea whatsoever why I would see something like this, I can’t find a single clue. The initial part of my dream is sort of vague so I am mostly going to rush through that. It’s the second half that’s truly bizarre.

This particular dream features my childhood friend, Rutina, who lives elsewhere now, but visits her grandmother (therefore me as well) during the semester break at summer. We usually end up taking a walk together or I give her a tour of the city she left when she was but five. Her visits are brief now, what with college and internships and everything in between, so we don’t get an opportunity to see each other more than two or three days, but we try to make it worthwhile.

It begins with the two of us taking the usual evening strolls we take whenever she visits. Two boys I used to have as classmates back in school pop up for a while. I never liked them, I never spoke to them much, but here they seemed friendly…. too friendly (I’m not exactly the epitome of a sociable person). Mind you, these are people I knew three years ago and I have had no contact with them at all after I graduated from school. I don’t know why they appeared here.

Anyway this is the part that is vague, I don’t remember exactly what happened. The four of us are here on some business with a teacher. But he isn’t present at the time, so we are waiting. One of them tries to frighten Rutina with some insect and it works. She literally runs and hides behind me (something I assure you the real Rutina would never do). We are eventually fed up and leave.

By now the sun has almost set and the sky has a purple hue to it mixed with an orange glow. Our dreams often show us the most beautiful sights.

“I’m hungry.”, I say.

“Yeah me too.”, she agrees.

“Should we get a snack or something? My treat, since you leave tomorrow.”

“Sure.”, she smiles.

“Where do you wanna go?”, I enquire (don’t even try to lecture me on the difference of ‘enquire’ and ‘inquire’, I googled it).

“Ah let’s see what pops up.”

Hence, we begin to walk toward whatever snack destination we can find. We find plenty. In reality my neighborhood has its share of snack joints and restaurants but not as many as it does in this dream. It looks like a paradise for the food lover (it almost makes me sad that it isn’t now that I’m awake). But she shows no interest in any of them. So we keep walking.

Eventually we reach this huge dome-like structure (which does not exist in the real world) and go inside. There we find a nice, cozy hot dog joint along with some other stores such as stationary, cellphones as well as other snack parlors. In truth, it’s a common mall with a glass ceiling with only one thing amiss…

Right next to the hot dog joint there is an office of sorts, outside which are many of my classmates from college. They have queued up to get some documents verified. From my lack of concern in the dream I now assume mine were either already verified or I didn’t need them to be.

Either way I don’t pay my classmates much heed, and vice versa. One silent nod at each other and that is all the greeting we are going to bother with. Anyway we order two hot dogs and take a seat. We don’t have to wait too long though. But as soon as we take the food in our hands, the unimaginable happens.

A SWAT team bursts in through the great glass ceiling above and slides down to the floor using ropes. Yes, I am talking about a full-fledged action movie sequence. Before anybody can register what is happening, we have at least twenty guns (I didn’t count) pointing towards us. All of us are made to evacuate the area and are locked up in a single room. Well we aren’t technically locked up, the door is wide open really. There is however a gun wielding woman on the door and she orders us to “stay put” until further instructions.

Everybody is tense. Nobody bothered telling us what is going on, and we are too afraid to ask. Is there a bomb? Is there a killer here? Or worse, a terrorist? Even worse, is he amongst us? Are we going to die? I think I hear someone sobbing. Rutina is strangely calm though, which is nice.

The woman at the door signals us to come out in an orderly fashion, and so we queue up and begin to exit the room. Once outside, everything almost appears the same as before. Most of the SWAT members have cleared out, only a few are stationed nearby. The only other thing that has changed though, is the man at the verification office. A bald, lean man wearing a crisp grey suit now sat on the chair before us. While I did not particularly notice who was there before, I know this man wasn’t him.

Assuming from the way everyone is simply standing there: eyes wide open, jaws slackened, I’d say they seem rather astonished regarding something. Apparently the man had said something shocking before I made it out of the room.

“What?”, a boy from my class asks. “You’re just here to verify the papers?”, he seems incredulous.

“Yeah… why? What’s wrong?”, the man on the chair asks casually.

“All of that was just for this??”, another classmate asks angrily.

I suppose it is quite clear now. All of the ruckus, the SWAT team breaking through the roof, all the stunts, the guns, the tactics and the weapons were all so that this bald man could arrive safely for some document verification of college kids.

“WHAT THE FUCK?”, I end up mouthing the words but thankfully stop myself from saying it out loud. The man sees me though.

“What?”, he asks.

“Uh nothing.”, I reply. “I really have no papers or anything, my friend and I were just here for a snack. Can we leave?”

“Yeah sure.”, he nods and gets back to dealing with a group of exasperated students.

Rutina and I literally run before another “SWAT situation” happens and we are deterred again. This is when I notice we have both managed to hold onto our hot dogs. At least something good happened.

“Well that was interesting.”, she says grinning.

“Yeah, quite an adventure and that too just before the day you leave.”

She chuckles in response.

We walk back to her house and hug goodbye.

“Until next year.”

DC 8: Doppelganger

This dream is based on the idea of a certain movie which I am not going to name. Mostly because it’s horrible. It has paved its way into the ‘List of films considered worst’ on Wikipedia. I say ‘idea’ of a movie because I haven’t actually seen it (thankfully!). I only heard the summary from a friend. And I found it so horrible that somehow it got lodged into my brain I suppose.

The movie is basically about doppelgangers. Let me rephrase that. The movie is a horrible attempt at comedy which features doppelgangers. The protagonists are three men who have a pair of lookalikes. Perhaps I should clarify a bit more. Basically each of the three men has two doppelgangers so that gives us a total of nine men. There is the obvious theme of identity loss and each doppelganger trying to sabotage the other (or at least that’s what I think). I do not know how the movie ends and I do not care to.

Anyway so my dream begins with me and three of my best friends from college. Let’s name them shall we? There is the cutest of the lot, Annalise. Then there is the chocolate boy, Tanner. And finally the ‘sex god’ (it’s an inside joke, don’t worry he’s not a womanizer or anything), Brandon. We are hiding in my house, well at least we’re trying to hide, because we have been attacked by a gun wielding quartet that looks exactly like us!

They are our doppelgangers who want to kill and replace us. We have no idea where they came from or how they found us or even why they are here. All we know is that if they catch us, we’re dead. We are hiding in my room with the door barred but I know we have to escape as soon as possible. They’ll come barging in anytime. So I go to the balcony adjacent to my room and we manage to make a rope of sorts out of bed sheets (cliché) and climb down. On our way we lock the main door of the house from the outside. The lookalikes, however, see us and attempt to follow suit. We do get a decent head start though.

So there we are, on the run, upon roads I have never seen (or maybe I have in movies). The streets seem to be abandoned, rather the area looks to be not inhabited. It appears to be a farmland of sorts, without farmers. There are wildflowers too and a rail-track that is running along beside us.

We take a look behind us and we see them, pursuing us. They try to shoot us from afar but we manage to dodge. Meanwhile I suddenly remember that another member of our ‘besties’ group, Devon, has a gun (no, he does not in real life… I hope). Apparently he carries it around in his bag! So I call him and ask his whereabouts. He, along with our entire class, is at some water-themed amusement park. We know the place so we make for it.

We get there soon enough and sure as the sky is blue, there they are. Every single one of my classmates. Some are splashing water at each other, some of them are on the rides, some sitting by the pool, others are chatting or eating or drinking. Everyone is having the time of their lives, completely oblivious to what we are going through. Which is only natural I suppose. It resembles a pool party more than an amusement park, but we really do no have time to focus on that. We quickly locate Devon and rush to him.

“Quick Devon, give us your gun!”, I say.

“What?”, he is obviously confused.

“Your gun! We need it!”, we all shout.

“B-b-but I don’t have it here”, he answers. “It’s in my bag.”

“WHERE is your bag? Give us the locker key, we’ll fetch it”, Annalise urges.

“No it’s in my bag and my bag is in college, on the desk.”


“You don’t understand Devon! There are a bunch of doppelgangers who want to kill us and we need the stupid gun!”, I know it’s no use telling him this but I am desperate.

“What?”, he asks incredulously.

I begin to explain but then we spot the villains. They’ve arrived rather fast. So we run again.

“Call the cops!”, I shout to Devon as I dash for a place to hide in.

This time the four of us end up getting separated. I manage to find a room, rather like a hotel room with a bed and a side table and a coffee table…. I think there is a TV too. Anyway I go inside the room and just sit on the bed. I don’t lock the door, I don’t hide. I just take a seat, and ponder on how horrible the situation is. But I also begin to feel a sense of calm settling in. As if I am certain the cops will arrive any moment and we will be fine.

Suddenly the door to my room opens and there he is…. my ex! He looks at me rather critically and says, “Get up”.

“What? Why?”, I am utterly bewildered.

“I know you’re not the real San. The cops are here. Get up!”, he repeats.

“No Soren you don’t understand. I am the real Sandy!”, I tell him.

“I think I would know”, he says and pulls me up by the arm.

He escorts me out and everybody at once turns their attention to me. Everybody.

However, I see the cops have apprehended the evil foursome that was after us. There is a pool between me and them. My friends are on the other side too, smiling and waving at me.

“It’s okay!”, they shout to me. “They’ve caught the fake ones!”

As the evil lookalikes are taken away, I look up at my ex’s face who is quite visibly dumbfounded. I shake my hand free of his grip.

I think I would know, bah!

I shoot him with a rather indignant look (he deserves it!) and…. take off my clothes…. err what?

Nobody seems bothered, isn’t that what pool parties are for?

Anyway I dive into the pool and swim across to the other side literally like a torpedo boat. I mean I do not move my limbs the way a person might when they are swimming, I simply propel my body forward with my arms firmly tucked to my side and my legs joined. As I reach the other side I merely change the angle at which my body is going forward and land without issue. Annalise rushes to hug me.

The day has been saved and quite honestly I think my dream is better than the movie (overconfident much?).

DC 7: Crimson Swan

Almost a year ago I dreamt of a talking swan! I laugh every time I think about this dream, and yet while I was asleep it had felt so profoundly philosophical (maybe it is and conscious me does not have the maturity required to understand that). Be that as it may this is something that has to be shared.

I have a “friend who is a boy” (I am really uncertain about the status of our relationship), let’s call him Scott. He is an aspiring singer who has recently caught a big break. His debut album was recently released and has become somewhat popular. Hence his manager organizes a concert, hoping that with the success of this show Scott will be able to firmly plant his feet in the music industry (I have NO idea whatsoever how the music industry works, I know).

So the concert begins, it is progressing perfectly. The crowd absolutely loves him. I am strangely standing at the back but that provides me a vantage point to observe something horrible.

A man shoots another. I see the entire thing. How they have an altercation, one pushes another back with the palm of his hands, yells something aggressively, the other suddenly loses his temper and pulls out a gun. Then without warning, he fires it.


Some grab the gun-wielder from behind and disarm him, others carry the bleeding man away. What follows next is absolute chaos.

The concert obviously gets cancelled midway, the performers are ushered out of the stage and back to their vans or dressing rooms or wherever. I make my way back to the dressing room to visit Scott. I suddenly have a feeling of déjà vu. I have seen this before. Flashes of memory appear and disappear before my eyes and I know that Scott’s career is over, unless he pays heed to my warnings and acts accordingly. In fact I don’t know if I can save him even if he does listen to me. All I know is that I want to aid him.

I arrive to see him sitting all alone, almost trembling. I try to comfort him but I know the cops will soon arrive and if he does not handle it well, he is done (I know this makes no sense). And soon they do. Two police officers, one male and one female, begin to question him regarding the shooting. Ridiculous questions really such as, if he was somehow involved in the incident or if he had any previous idea about what would occur or if he knew the shooter and the victim (perhaps these two represented both the authority and the media).

Suddenly we hear a rustling sound behind us and we all turn around to see a white figure fast approaching us. I know what it is, but that does not stop me from being shocked.

What materializes before our eyes is a white swan, glowing somehow in the dark. It almost crashes in front of our feet and that is when we realize she is bleeding. Her stomach and the underside of her wings are completely crimson. She looks pained, there are tears falling from her eyes.

“Please”, she manages to say. “Help me. I’ve been shot.”, she pleads with the cops.

No one is phased by the fact that a swan can speak. It is perfectly normal.

They look at her rather nonchalantly. “Who the hell shot you?”, the woman asks.

“A man, I don’t know his name. Please make the bleeding stop.”, the swan begs again. Her imploring is almost unbearable to me.

“Well it’s your fault for roaming around among people. What the fuck were you thinking?”, the man responds this time.

“I’m afraid we’re gonna have to arrest you”, the female officer says, completely indifferent, and cuffs the swan (yes! She cuffed the wings!).

I am appalled by this and I try to protest but the cops shut me up saying it’s none of my business. I look to Scott for help but he appears to be too immersed in his own problems to care. But I know this swan has to live. Not only do I pity the bird but somehow I know this bird can save Scott’s career. I remember now that I failed to save her before, and Scott lost everything. I have been given a second chance.

The officers escort the swan despite her cries of anguish, and they instruct Scott to go the precinct the next morning.

“We have to save the swan”, I tell Scott once the cops leave.

“I’m a little preoccupied San”, he looks at me incredulously. How could I even care and moreover expect HIM to??

“Don’t you get it? That swan is important!”

“I have to think about my career! I don’t care if some swan dies!”, he almost shouts.

“But Scott…”, I begin. “Who is that swan if not you?”

That’s right. The swan signifies Scott’s life. If she bleeds out so does Scott, metaphorically of course. He will not physically bleed, but the purpose of his life will drain out and he will lose all meaning of life. He will become but an empty shell and one day he will take his own life. I have seen it all happen before, and I cannot let it happen again.

I never found out though, if I was able to convince him.

DC 6: Grandpa

My grandfather passed away in the year 2010. I dreamt of him a few days or so after his death. In my culture, the actual funeral is observed a fortnight after the body has been cremated. This occurred sometime during those two weeks. Now now, I’m not trying to be emotional or anything. It was a strange dream is all.

My grandfather is still alive. I’m a little startled, I mean I don’t know why but I know he’s not supposed to be here. But anyway I let the matter be.

He seems sickly thin (the way he had come to look a month before his death due to loss of appetite). We were talking about something when suddenly this other old man appears out of nowhere (which I later realized, after waking up, was also my grandfather only healthier and more energetic) and starts shouting at my sickly grandpa (let’s call him grandpa 1). Grandpa 1 is visibly shaken, he simply does not have the energy to argue back. So I begin to do it for him. I don’t even remember the conversation, all I remember is I make grandpa 2 leave.

Grandpa 1 seems relieved and then he asks for Cheetos! I have no idea why I saw this, I don’t even like Cheetos. But there he is, craving cheese balls.

My grandfather never asked for Cheetos whilst he was alive, not from me at least. He did sometimes ask for chocolates or soft drinks and stuff. Anyway so I provide him with a pack of Cheetos. He seems happy, almost like a child. And somehow it just feels good.

That’s it. It’s not an incredible dream or anything, I know. But when I told my mother about this dream she (and of course my father) decided to put Cheetos in the funeral ceremony. They’re pretty superstitious, also it was an emotional time for my father.

Because who knows? Maybe he WAS craving Cheetos.

DC 5: Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Once upon a time, about 3 years ago, I used to be an avid Supernatural (yes the TV show) fan. I mean I was addicted. Sam and Dean were not my heroes, but they were the next best thing, the ‘denim clad nightmares’. Watching Supernatural had its positive effects on me. Naive as it may sound, it made me brave. Brave about handling my fear of the paranormal. Scary movies weren’t so scary anymore, nightmares didn’t frighten me. Instead of watching a ghost haunting me, I saw on several occasions that I was hunting them. I usually teamed up with the Winchester brothers (the protagonists of the show) to do the ghost busting, but sometimes I was on my own. The following dream is one such example.

I run a ghost-hunting agency of sorts, and I have about 5 subordinates including my wife (you read that correctly!) and mother. My wife happens to be Whitney Houston (this dream came to me a few days after the singer’s death. If souls exist, may hers rest in peace), although I don’t think that’s her name here. My ‘mother’ looks nothing like my actual mother. Anyway, apart from them there is another woman and two men.

We are looking for a spectre who only has a head, nothing else. She looks similar to the ghost from the Grudge movies, except her skin is the colour of curdled milk. Now she has the ability to possess people, if and only if they are wearing a ring on their right hand. Her presence is very difficult to detect once she does possess someone, apparently she’s a good actress.

Anyway so my dream begins in my own house, although in the dream it belongs to somebody else. We are fully armed with shotguns and knives and whatnot. For some reason we’re even wearing Kevlar vests. We catch glimpses of a white head with long, black hair trailing behind it, bouncing about every now and then. One moment I see her hide behind the refrigerator, the next she seems to emerge from another room and scuttle behind some other piece of home appliance or furniture (teleportation maybe). So we are practically running around the entire house while she successfully keeps eluding all of us.

After a while she seems to disappear all together, no more hopping about. But of course we know she has not left the premises (I have no idea why we were so certain). Anyway we decide to take a break until we sense some activity again.

My subordinates and I have something to drink (no, nothing alcoholic) and we start fooling around (evidently we are friends). It turns out none of us is actually frightened. We have been hunters for a long time now and we have faced worse. Eventually I decide we have relaxed enough and we should get back to work.

“Okay you guys let’s go get this bodyless bitch!”, I announce.

“Remember no rings on your right hand.”, one of the men says.

Everybody begins to check each other’s hands when I suddenly realize my wife has grown very quite. I look at her and she seems pale. I look at her hand and…

“Honey, you’re wearing your wedding ring on your right hand….”, and then it hits me. It hits everybody.

My wife, rather the ghost possessing my wife, makes a run for it. We give chase. I have no idea what I’m going to do if we do catch Whitney (let’s call her that). Kill her?? Apparently we don’t know how to exorcise a spirit. Then I see my mother (you know the one who doesn’t look like my actual mother) appear out of nowhere and hit my wife with a bat, square in the face (ouch!). She falls unconscious and the spirit comes out of her.

I shoot her with my shotgun immediately. TERMINATED!

My mother however does not look relieved.

“We need to move. Quick”, she says to me and turns to walk in the opposite direction.

“What’s going on?”, I ask following her, while one of my men picks up Whitney’s unconscious body.

I don’t remember exactly what she said but the summary is this: An especially notorious spirit that we had been looking for, for a very long time, has sent some kind of warning message to a school. The message says that the school will be run over by an army of ghosts, ghouls, zombies and everything else supernatural at midnight, tonight. And he has challenged me and my team to stop them.

Well fuck.

So we rush to the school and somehow I know what I have to do. I have to kill him. I am, however, having a hard time figuring out how to do it. So we get to the school on a chopper and there is not much time left. To add to that, the school is in a state of pandemonium. Why? They can’t escape. The academy premises have been surrounded by the army.

I know where to find him, the spirit that challenged me (let’s call him Artemious… yes I know it sounds pretentious, bear with me). Hence I go to an abandoned balcony. This is where I had faced off with Artemious the last time, and injured him quite badly. Unfortunately, he escaped. I know he’ll be there, waiting for me.

I reach the narrow balcony and there he is. Rather than fighting him, I decide to block him. I have had a sudden epiphany. I know how to destroy him.

Again this is where my dream ceases to make sense. There is a green caterpillar on a platform outside the railing of the balcony. It is going to be difficult to reach but I know I have to do it. This insect is the source of Artemious’ power (DO NOT ask me how). So I am trying to stop him from reaching me, with some kind of spell (surprise! surprise! I know magic) while I try to grab the caterpillar. I have formed a sort of shield around me, he is pushing it back obviously. He isn’t succeeding but keeping him at bay while trying to grab the bug is making me awfully slow. Finally he loses his patience and decides to unleash his army before time. The school gates open and the legion from Purgatory bursts forth. There isn’t much time left, they arm has already begun hacking at the doors and windows. Some with bare hands, some with their scythes.

I finally grab the caterpillar, just as one of the doors breaks down, and I squish it between my fingers squeezing the life out of it. Artemious burns right before my eyes and turns to nothing in a matter of seconds, thankfully so does his supernatural horde.

The day has been saved.

DC 4: Death


I have often been asked, and asked others in turn, one particular question about dreams: “Have you ever died in your dream?”

The answer is usually ‘yes’.

For me the answer is, “Twice actually”.

Now I do not know what dying in one’s dream indicates but for me the two experiences were polar opposites.

The first time I dreamt of my life ending was about seven years ago. I was around 14 years old and had an unhealthy curiosity about death (still do, though it has now mellowed). It was a short simple dream. I was simply falling from a tall building (seemed corporate), from the amount of surprise I felt, or lack thereof, I reckoned this was a suicide attempt. I fell through the sky for quite some time and I had my back to the ground. But a few moments before I was about to hit the ground, I decided to turn my head and look at my final destination. All I saw was a white light rushing up to meet me. I turned back around as I saw the light engulf me. I felt no pain, all I felt was peace, thinking: This is how death feels? Wow that was no trouble at all.

And then I woke up. I have said this before, I will say it again. My dreams sometimes make me feel things that I have never felt in real life. The peace I felt when the light enveloped me is something I have never been able to recreate in real life, so far. Maybe that’s not what life is for, maybe you’re not supposed to feel absolute peace while you’re alive, nonetheless it had felt surreal. And as much as I hate to admit it, I had felt slightly disappointed that I had woken up.

The second time I ‘passed away’ was not nearly this pleasant. It was murder.

This one I saw about three years past, and it concerned a friend of mine who has the same first name as me. This Sandy is (was?) a tad arrogant and immature, and that behavior was reflected in this dream.

So I see a younger version of Sandy (I have known her since grade 3, so I knew how she looked as a child), about 10 years old, playing with her friends. They stop short when they spot a baby crow, wounded. Apparently my subconscious believes that her arrogance and immaturity make her an animal (bird) abuser (she actually treats animals with kindness though). Hence I see her approach the crow and proceed to torture it (pelting it with stones mostly), while her friends ask her to stop.

She was never one to listen though, and she doesn’t here. Suddenly a large black figure appears in front of them. The mother of the child, the mama crow, is about 6 feet tall and a supernatural being. The other children run but Sandy isn’t so fortunate. She can only stare in horror as the mother crow engulfs San in her sable wings. Did I mention I have corvidophobia (fear of crows)? Well I do. And I know this crow element had emerged from a particular story I had read before bedtime that night, one containing a large number of human-like crows.

Presently Sandy is missing, her body never having been found. I have, for some inexplicable reason, taken it upon myself to search for her. I am some sort of detective or I have teamed up with one (sorry I’m not sure), and we have set out together to look for her.

We reach the place she was last spotted. And somehow I know she’s gone, and that it is dangerous for me to venture into something like this. But I convince myself the crow won’t hurt me, because I have done her no harm.

I am snooping about the area when the great black crow appears before me, almost like Batman. My dream goes into movie mode now, with the “camera” suddenly focusing on the detective I had teamed up with. He stands still,not at all astonished by what he is seeing before his eyes. The camera zooms in to get a close up of his face, and I see him smile, a rather evil smile.

What happens next is too fast for me to see, but I realize the crow has somehow pecked at my heart (quite literally) and I am bleeding out. I fall to my knees as the man who was with me walks up to stand beside the crow, both of them watching me. Watching me die. I look at them with nothing but pure shock written all over my face. I see them fading, and eventually my vision fades to black.

I wake up.

DC 3: The Mother of Dragons and The Great Red Dragon

Before I begin I should probably declare I’m fan of Inuyasha (it’s a fantasy anime set mostly in feudal era Japan), The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and Hannibal and the following dream incorporates elements from all of them.

My dream is set in a calm village like the ones shown in the anime. The buildings have a similar structure, there is the greenery and the ponds resembling medieval Japan and even the people look mostly Japanese. I am a dragon warrior who functions as the guardian of the village (much like Kikyo, a demon slaying priestess, from Inuyasha). I have sealed away plenty of dragons (or dragon spirits perhaps, I’m a little vague on the details) throughout my life. Oh and most importantly….

I am Daenerys Targaryen (mother of dragons!)! I obviously cannot see myself but in my head I know who I am.

So my dream begins during some sort of fireworks festival in my village, although it is already fairly late and the elderly folk along with most of the children have been peacefully tucked into bed. But how often have my dreams remained pleasant? (more importantly why would anybody find them interesting if they were?)

Trouble strikes all too soon. The most frightfully vicious dragon I have ever sealed away has broken loose. The Great Red Dragon (who quite honestly looks a bit like Smaug) is proceeding to burn my village in hell fire until nothing is left but ash and smoke. While my people sleep.

I don’t know if I can defeat this monster a second time because I know that since he has been caught before, it is going to be a thousand times difficult to seal him again or kill him. Thus, my first course of action is to somehow evacuate the village. Here is where I display my magical powers, I make some sort of motion with my hands and this pink flare of energy shoots out of my fingers and spreads in different directions. Next I see those flairs reaching everyone in the village individually and hitting them on the forehead. What happens next is just convenient. The people who are deep in slumber wake up, jolt out of their beds and literally rush out to leave, as if that pink flash was a spell that instantly programmed the people to run for their lives.

Meanwhile the great red dragon has reached the festival and has begun the process of roasting anyone in his path. Although it seems his real purpose is not destruction, because he doesn’t stay in one place, he keeps moving forward and burns as he goes. I, too, am rushing to meet him as fast as I can.

I finally see him rampaging about in his full glory, fire bursting forth from his muzzle. The flames all around him make him appear lurid, quite terrifyingly so. I keep going and eventually he sees me too. I halt as he suddenly takes to the sky and lands right in front of me. I am caught completely off guard and I know I am going to end up dead.

Nothing happens for a while, he simply stares me with his serpent eyes. Then he grabs me in his talons and begins to fly away from the village. No more burning, as if he was looking for me all along.

We eventually land in a 21st century city (time travel??). He lets go of me and begins to take a human-like form. Now those who follow Hannibal, know very well who is going to play the great red dragon in the show. One would think that the human form of this creature is obviously going to be Richard Armitage. Unfortunately, the love of my life (I have a severely unhealthy crush on the man) does not appear in my dream. No, instead it’s Mads Mikkelsen or more precisely Hannibal Lecter (can’t say I wasn’t disappointed when I woke up) who now stands before me.

Mr. Lecter is completely clad in black leather, and he looks perfectly human except for the two horns on top of his head. For some reason this whole shape shifting business doesn’t surprise me in the dream, but what does is Hannibal attempting to seduce me… very cheesily.

I hate disappointing my readers like this. It seems I have a pattern where my dreams start out interesting but somehow manage to become ridiculous towards the end. If I was writing stories here (which I am contemplating) I would have surely changed that, but these are dreams and I have promised to be accurate. Forgive my subconscious for ruining these potentially fascinating accounts. Forgive her some more for it is about to get worse….

Hannibal is trying to seduce me and I am incredulous. When he realizes he is not being persuasive enough, he takes me to a… porn magazine store (I cannot apologize enough). The man behind the counter seems to know him and Hannibal orders a bunch of issues of a particular magazine.

“Why are you ordering porn magazines?”, I ask dubiously. Does he really think simply looking at them will somehow make me horny enough to want to do him? He’s not really that stupid is he?

He winks at me in response.

The magazines are brought forth and he begins to shuffle through them. I’m still feeling confused until I see one of the photos. It’s him! He has been featured in the magazine! WTF?!

I am baffled not only by this but also by the fact that he is ridiculously attractive (in the magazines)! I mean I am talking about toned abs (I have a thing for those) and not to mention…err… other things. I find myself immediately enticed. I look at him, he looks at me and he knows.

Hannibal always knows.

DC 2: True Dreams

So the dream I’m about to describe is thus far the scariest and the most interesting dream I have ever had. Now while I am 99.9% certain it was a dream, somewhere in the back of my mind, the voice of the remaining 0.1% often wonders out loud if it really was.

In my “dream”, I suddenly wake up in my room dimly lit by the streetlight. I am wearing the same clothes I went to bed in, under the same blanket I had wrapped around me. Alongside all of this, I feel a malevolent presence in the room but I SEE nothing of course. So my first thought is obviously to leave the room somehow, and quick. I flip my blanket away as fast as I can and jolt out of my bed…. or so I think. My brain wants to do all of this, and I think I am moving my body swiftly but what unwraps before my eyes is not only confusing but frightening as well. Everything is happening in slow motion! I think I’m quick but I can see I’m not. I see my hands slowly flipping the blanket away and I see my legs slip out from underneath like there’s no rush. But the horror has only just begun.

As soon as my feet touch the ground I suddenly find myself back in the exact position I was in a few seconds ago: lying awake underneath my blanket. As if the last 10 seconds didn’t happen. I try again. And of course the same thing repeats. The third time I decide to call my mother’s cellphone. I manage to somehow find one of my phones (I have two) but the lock screen won’t even light up! Then I’m back to where I was again. No phone, nothing, just me under my blanket. This time I try my other phone and the screen, this time, lights up only to fade to black again. After that it just keeps doing that on loop several times. And once more I am sent back to where I started.

I try to run again, and this time I make it out of my room albeit with retarded speed. I turn on the light but the room is only dimly illuminated. I turn to the source to learn that like me, the light is also operating in slow motion. I see the corners have lit up first with a muted sepia glow (it’s a tube light), I see a spark and I see the white light slowly trying to spread through the length of the tube. I try to reach my parents but I end up in my bed. Again (just when I thought I had a chance).

Now I realize I’m probably going to die and this evil presence is only toying with me. This somehow angers me. Dreams are funny in their own way. We feel certain things in dreams that we never would in real life if we were to face the same situation. Consciously, if something even vaguely resembling this happens to me I will probably faint, if not die of a heart attack (do 20 year olds get heart attacks?). But subconscious me feels angry and rather insulted. Thus, I decide to go with my dignity intact. I am not going to let this being play with me, I am not going to be scared, I am not going to run, I am not going to scream or cry or do anything that will bring it satisfaction. Unfortunately, this is where my dream gets bizarre again. I develop a sort of “COME AT ME BRO!” attitude and begin to….err…. make funny faces. You read that correctly. In a bid to pay this entity back for the initial insult, I decide to insult it back. I begin to distort my face in every way I can. Now each time I made a face, I blinked. After several rapid blinks I suddenly realize the foreboding feeling is gone. The feeling that something malicious is here with me, that it is watching me, that it is going to kill me has left. It feels as though a haze has been lifted. I try to get up fast and I succeed, there is no retarded motion. I plant my feet firmly on the floor, I do not automatically get sent back to bed. I turn on the light, the room is instantly illuminated. I run one last check by grabbing my phone and dialing my mother. To my immense relief, it rings. I have half a mind to ask her to sleep in my room but I decide otherwise.

Now that I’m no longer frightened, I begin to ponder on my dream (sleeping is not going to come to me anytime soon, not after this). Strangely enough find myself smiling, beaming actually. Apart from how it ended, I know that this dream was incredible! And of course I also can’t help feeling kind of brave.

But that one question still sometimes pops up in the irrational corners of my brain: It was a dream, right?

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